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Sweet Summer Sweat

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Sweet Summer Sweat deals with a couple, Frank and Lou Spartel, going through several situations at different stages of their life : teenagers, adults, old people, but also father and daughter, mother and son... It makes seven sequences that can be edited in an order or another, depending the way the director wants to let the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Who is the "real" couple into this kaleidoscope ? One thing is sure : the seven couples know, have known or will know, once, the sweet summer sweat of desire.


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In this dark comedy, Jack took to heart his second grade nun’s teaching 50 years ago that, no matter how evil a life he led, he could still go to heaven provided he made a perfect deathbed Confession. Now at the end of his crime-filled life, Jack lies dying, attended only by Bartholomew, his browbeaten son who despises him as much as he desires to be reconciled with him. Enter Fr. Gallagher, a soul-weary priest, about to encounter the most bizarre Confession of his career. Over the course of the play, Jack and Bartholomew struggle to come to terms with each other, with the help of Father Gallagher, who perseveres in the face of all odds, even after Jack shoots him. Father’s reward is the cold, comfortless monastic cell, far from the demands of the world, for which he has secretly longed. Jack’s reward may, or may not, be heaven. As for Bartholomew, by play’s end, he has begun to take the first steps from his prolonged adolescence into adulthood.

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

/ / 14 actor(s) / 2 Act(s)
Annie Zaidi's first play weaves a complex set of ideas together: economic class, gender and social hierarchy in urban India all collide as a a live-in maid returns to work for her former employers after her marriage collapses. The maid has new aspirations for her life but finds herself trapped in the middle class mores of her adopted family. As the play moves forward, her husband and father get added to the simmering mix as does the absent daughter of the house. A most unexpected climax ends the play.

When I woke up today, I got up and washed, and suddenly it seemed that everything on this earth was clear to me, and I now know how I must live

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According to Chekhovs "Three Sisters" here you see three young nowadays people who are having a chat. You realize that their way of communication is quite similar to the conversation of the famous fin-de-siècle-sisters. Some sentences of the original play by Chekhov are smuggled into their dialogues.


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In a sense, this is a play about a very simple (but stunning) idea, which was introduced to the world three centuries ago that: no one has the right of absolute control over others. According to this idea, people have the inherent right to some measure of freedom. Rules should be agreed upon, and not be imposed. Although this notion has become our most cherished political value, in the 17th century it existed in practice nowhere on the planet. When it did spread, slowly, it was applied to men, usually white men. Bit by bloody bit, the idea has encompassed other groups, but it has yet to be applied to innumerable people in India. Most of whom belong to the lower end of the caste system ...

Interview with Murugesh Sreekumar

/ / 2 actor(s) / 1 Act(s)
A serial killer is interviewed for television in this short sketch.

Kashmir Kashmir

/ / 6 actor(s) / 1 Act(s)
A seemingly innocent couple come to Kashmir for a holiday and find themselves caught in the increasingly surreal realities of the state under siege. Code names and nursery rhymes and the names of delicious Kashmiri dishes start to swirl as the plot thickens.

COMBAT – A Comedy of Terror

/ / 14 actor(s) / 1 Act(s)
A statue's wife want to have a baby, like any other woman. Before she can do that, she needs to be financially secure and sends her husband off to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. On his quest, the statue meets a regiment of soldiers with a belligerent commander, two very chatty crows and a host of ghosts from the historical past. Will the statue survive his journey? Will his wife's wish be fulfilled? Answers to these questions and more await you in Ramu Ramanathan's new play, "Combat."

Purple Blossoms

/ / 1 actor(s) / 1 Act(s)
A village under attack from government soldiers. Digger, who lives and works in the city, has come to this village to try and get his wife and daughter out, but he has been captured by these soldiers and is now digging mass graves for them. Now he is sharing his story with the other grave diggers.

Election Day

/ / 4 actor(s) / 1 Act(s)
It is election time. His Excellency, Poka Oka Ndiseng’s ruling party is losing by a very wide margin in the polls. His wife, Samantha, and his personal advisor, Twenty, have both panicked and they are urging Ndiseng to flee the country, but an adamant Ndiseng tells them he is not going anywhere and wants to buried under the soil of his ancestors should it come to that.

Let’s set them with princes (Et qu’on les asseye au Rang des Princes)

, / / 13 actor(s) / 14 Act(s)
"Le Redoutable", a nuclear submarine, is lying two hundred meters down at the bottom of the Pacific. All attempts to save it have failed. The crew has only a few hours of oxygen and electricity left before their inescapable death. To “use life up to the last drop”, the crew decides to stage a makeshift circus performance. When the rescue team finally breaks into the vessel a few days later, they find a videotape of their one-of-a-kind performance.

Five Grains of Sugar

, / , / 1 actor(s) / 1 Act(s)
Raju lives in an unnamed town and grows up convinced of his own ordinariness. His unremarkable days are filled by his interactions with his eccentric mother, her brother Pundalik the poet, his school friend hero Raghu, Radhe the sweeper and a line of ants. But remarkable days are to come when Pundalik leaves the house and makes Raju promise to have his collection of poems published.

Mister Happy Maker

/ , / 10 actor(s) / 3 Act(s)
This is a play in three acts, about an advertising executive who has gone literally mad trying to sell 'the good life' to the world at large, even as his son plunges deeper and deeper into depression. The title character, who calls himself only 'Mister Happy Maker' has recently quit his job with an advertising company to setup his own. The trigger for this break was a public protest against an ad campaign for a luxury district, which he had designed. The success of this protest, which sprang from religious belief, snapped something inside his mind. Happy Maker is now his own advertiser- in every sense. His method is to advertise, not “at the behest of clients”, but “by the movements of his soul”, and the subject-matter of his advertisement is himself- his own way of life- wealthy, 'cultured', English-speaking, atheistic, et al. In this endeavour, aimed at showing the whole of the country the path to happiness, he is aided by his wife, whose personal lunacy is an obsession with charity, and a pair of young employees, the boy unhinged by his ambition and the girl unhinged by her thoughtless obedience. Meanwhile, Mister Happy Maker's son, Alok, is struggling to find a deeper meaning to his life, for values that go beyond the superficial- for faith. His parents are afraid that their happy-making is not convincing their own son. He is afraid that it is convincing everybody else. As the play unfolds, we see whose fears were justified.

Distant Music

/ / 3 actor(s) / 2 Act(s)
Distant Music is a drama liberally dosed with humor that considers the capacity of surrendered loves, failed dreams and misunderstanding to hinder, haunt and hold us. Over the course of two evenings’ conversation in an Irish pub in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Connor, Maeve, and Dev face their futures -- and their pasts. Each must make a decision about his or her life and how to spend it, and about his or her career and whether to risk, change or end it. In so doing, they must come to terms with lost loves, beliefs and allegiances of all kinds. In so doing, they must also determine not only how to live with the loss that their actions entail, but also what -- and whether any -- true thing or true principle exists to guide their lives.
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